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Melanotan II Facts and Myths

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Melanotan II is a synthetic cyclic lactam analog of naturally occurring α-MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormone) developed by the University of Arizona and is known to have skin darkening effects as a result of increased production of skin darkening pigments. In clinical trials, Melanotan II has also been found to have aphrodisiac effects.

Melanotan II Is Capable Of Fighting Skin Cancer. Fact Or Myth?

The researchers at the University of Arizona knew hypothesized that one of the best defenses against skin cancer would be natural skin tan due to melanin activation. They hypothesized that increased natural pigmentation prior to ultraviolet ray exposure would act as an efficient defense mechanism against cancer. The body already has the naturally occurring hormone α-MSH for the process of melanogenesis (production of melanin through activation of melanocytes). However, sun exposure is required to initiate the process and that itself is considered one of the causative agents of skin cancer. Some experimentation was done by administering this endogenous hormone directly into the body, but it turned out that naturally occurring α-MSH has a very short half life and is practically unusable as a therapeutic drug. The quest for a synthetic molecule began.

The researchers examined hundreds of different molecules before they finally chanced upon a peptide that they called Melanotan. Melanotan ([Nle4, D-Phe7]-α-MSH) was found to be at least 1000 times more potent compared to its natural counterpart. Melanotan-I and Melanotan II were subsequently developed. The basic idea was to stimulate the natural pigmentary mechanism of the body so that a tan was created without the initial need for sun exposure. The tan in itself would be capable of fighting the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Coming back to the question, is Melanotan II really capable of fighting skin cancer? Recent research studies have shown that a subcutaneous shot of Melanotan 2 did induce tanning of the skin in clinical trials, but more evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of Melanotan II as a drug against skin cancer.

Melanotan II Can Cure Erectile Dysfunction. Fact Or Myth?

The Department of pharmacology, University of Arizona conducted a phase 1 clinical trial involving three males to study the direct effects of Melanotan II in healthy human subjects in 1996. The results suggest that Melanotan II is capable of inducing sunless tanning through subcutaneous injection given in five low doses every alternate day. The reported side effects include mild nausea and spontaneous penile erections. So, yes Melanotan II does have aphrodisiac effects.

Later in 1998, the University published another study that involved two men suffering from psycogenic erectile dysfunction. Here also, it was seen that Melanotan II was capable of initiating erections in men suffering from psycogenic E.D. the side effects were manageable as long as the dosage was not more than 0.025 mg per kilogram of body weight. A third study published in 2000 also concluded that Melanotan II is capable of initiating the penile erections in organic ED patients as does PT-141.

So, yes Melanotan II can be possibly used under medical supervision for treating ED. However, Melanotan II has not been approved by the United States FDA as an over-the-counter medication for ED. Melanotan II is only considered safe when used under medical supervision.

Melanotan II Can Be Used As A Weight-Loss Treatment. Fact Or Myth?

There is no conclusive evidence through Melanotan II clinical trials to prove that Melanotan II can be used as a weight-loss treatment. However, a lot of different Melanotan II forums and Melanotan II websites sell Melanotan II as a weight-loss treatment stating reasons that Melanotan II is capable of decreasing appetite which could eventually lead to weight loss. The truth is, that is not what Melanotan II was developed for -decreased appetite is a side effect of Melanotan II and using that as a benefit would be considered off label use. Since there are no clinical trials to support such off label usage, it's better to consult a physician first.

Melanotan II Can Be Used For Treatment Of Impotence. Fact Or Myth?

Three clinical trials conducted by the University of Arizona clearly point to the fact that Melanotan II is capable of inducing penile erection in psychogenic and organic erectile dysfunction patients as does PT-141. So, yes, Melanotan II could be a potential drug in the near future for treatment of impotence, but as of now, the data is just too small to be considered conclusive. Furthermore, initiation of penile erection does not mean cure of impotence - the latter could be a conglomeration of various disorders including (but not limited to) erectile dysfunction. Melanotan II is definitely a drug full of possibilities, but it still needs to pass the test of time before it can be used effectively to treat impotence.

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