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How does PNC-27 selectively target certain types of cancer cells?

By Nemo 2 months ago

How does PNC-27 target cancer cells without relying on the master regulator of apoptosis p53?

“The results strongly suggest, that PNC-27 (and by inference PNC-28) is inserted in the plasma membrane of cancer cells upon binding to HDM2, where, by random movement, the HDM2-PNC-27 complexes assemble into oligomers and eventually into membrane pores. Influx of free PNC-27 molecules through the newly formed membrane pores into the cells... cytoplasm leads to the assembly of pores in mitochondrial membranes and rapid cell death.” (5)

“PNC-27 induces cancer cell membrane lysis by acting as the whole peptide, not fragments.” (4)

Fig. 4 Confocal microscopy results for MCF-10-2A cells treated with double-Xuorescentlabeled PNC-27 as described in the legend to Fig. 3. As in Fig. 3, the time frames proceed from top to bottom, the 30-min time frame occurring at the top of the Wgure and the 48 time frame at the bottom, as labeled on the left of the Wgure. For each time frame, red, green and combined (yellow) Xuorescence is shown from left to right, respectively

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