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AICAR Research

By Richard A. 10 months ago

AICAR Research

AICAR is an AMP-kinase activator widely used in animal research to investigate energy homeostasis and the regulation of metabolism. Studies have found that AICAR can regulate insulin receptors and change muscle cell function, which has led to investigations into its use for the management of diabetes. The molecule has also been found to have anti-cancer properties, slowing the growth of cancer cells both in vivo and in mouse models. It has additionally been used, in the past, to protect heart muscle during surgery1.

What Is AICAR?

AICAR is short for 5-aminoimidazole--4-carboxamide ribonucleoside. It is also called acadesine. It is actually a naturally occurring molecule, acting as an intermediate in the production of other nucleosides. Because it is an intermediate, AICAR is not found in substantial quantities in living organisms.

What makes AICAR so interesting to the research community is that it can penetrate cell walls. Unlike many compounds, it can pass through a cell wall without difficulty and without being altered. That means it is easy to get AICAR to the interior of the cell where it can act to regulate metabolism, cell growth, and cell death.